Broken skyline, which way to love land?

It is the worst of times before the best of times, only I don’t think that the best times are even possible anymore.  I watch daily through my quarantined window as outside my city burns and goes dark.  Everywhere people are running scared, stockpiling greed to feed their fears.  The lines of society get more and more blurry with each passing day, leaving us isolated in our mutual collapse.  But all I can do is think about her. Rome may very well be burning, the flames encroaching closer each day.  The days of bread and games are fast fading in the rear-view mirror of now idle SUVs, ghostly reminders of what we once held, though we never quite realized just how tenuous the grip.  There are …

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Not the end of the world….

It’s scary out there right now. The whole world feels like it’s collapsing, crumbling away all the modern necessities that make our day-to-day comfortably bearable. Chaos and misinformation are running rampant, spreading faster than the very illness that started the whole damn thing in the first place. Fear grips the streets, and the shopping lines, causing panic and uncertainty to fester. It’s scary and it’s unsettling and it’s gross. It’s scary out there right now and we have only ourselves to blame. We are suffering through the results of our collective hubris, our many appetites insatiable for the next big fad or the newest disappearing natural resource. In the quest for limitless health, despite the costs and fallacies inherent in such a flawed system, we actually …

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House of Bullshit

House. Land. Property. Ownership. The ubiquitous american dream. Hunter went all the way to Las Vegas to find it, up on that little hill, with the right kind of eyes. My parents’ generation fought first to fuck it all up, then later to passively-aggressively nurse it all back to health. My generation lost it, though we had precious little claim on it from the beginning.

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