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Southern Kisses, Northern Practicalities

The red of her lips matched the burning tip of my lullaby cigarette glowing hot in the encroaching twilight of our day.   The smell...
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NSFW- The Naked Lettera 22

After perusing one of the local antique malls recently (on my birthday, actually), tucked way in a quiet corner of the very last vendor booth...
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Run! It’s a Copper!

The other week I found myself lucky enough to have won an online auction for a sterling that nobody else seemed interested in (I was...
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SOS…Saving Our Sterlings!

This 1950 Super Silent came to me accidentally when I had actually gone to acquire a different typer ( a SkyWriter, in case you are...
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80s Hair Band(ing)

Early last week I had a bit of rare free  time before having to make a school pickup, so I stopped into one of the...
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