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Fuck You, Karen

A significant co-conspirator sits rigidly on the desk in front of me. To most, it is probably viewed as just a cast-off anachronism left lingering...
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There is no right.  There is usually only the wrong.  There is only the pungent, durable odors of hot metallic blood, burnt cordite, smeared shit,...
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Truck Wash Blues

I accidentally stumbled into a bit of money. It wasn't a lot– a fraction of what I actually need. And it came to me not...
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Thoughts on a Cancelling Culture

It is impossible to write a captivating fairytale when forever cast as the scurrilous villain.     From the constriction of that perspective, the script inevitably...
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Rabbit Holes

Honored to have some of work included along with some very talented people. Be sure to buy a copy and check out my contribution: Rabbit...
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