Day 60: In Vino Veritas

I think this isolation is really starting to get inside my head.   It seems to stick there indelibly, like that unseen masticated chewing gum clinging annoyingly to the soles of my best pair of shoes right before that hastily planned and spectacularly doomed blind date that I just did not see coming.  Intrusive.  Frustratingly unsettling.  Cloying.  And, just a little bit gross.   Strange thoughts here on this nervously quarantined night in the high City of Wayne.  And for some reason, they just won’t stop.   The adulterous temptations of an Alice’s deceptive muse calls out her siren songs of mixed metaphors and intentional dishonesty, enticing me with her seductive rabbit-holes, so temptingly approachable in their comforting lies.  They promise me the benefit of a …

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