Day 98: Lazy Recap Episode

So here it is, one post away from crossing the finish line of a project originally intended to help me keep my grip upon an already tenuous sanity while facing the implications of both a global pandemic barreling down hard on the City of Wayne and the resulting state mandated isolation madness.  And let’s be honest here, that is what it really was, and not the less scary sounding “hunker in place” order that the state government and press were so very fond of using.   That, frankly, reminded me too much of the old “duck and cover” routines which were designed more to keep the nation calm, rather than to provide actual useful sheltering advice.  There was never any chance in hell that a pressed …

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Day 96: The Grind

96 days. 42 posts. 41225 words and counting. Lots of tears and an almost embarrassing amount of whiskey went into the creation of these pages. And lots of beer.  And scotch.  And other convenient little helpers ingested just to temporarily ward off the loneliness and the echoing fears of a tomorrow unfairly promised and never quite arriving. There was also tear gas. And bullets, both peppered and rubber, fired at me in anger. And an almost insurmountable isolated isolation suffered for the sake of the common good. There was this pandemically mandated quarantine, locked down tight, here in this little flyover town. And finally, at last, the City of Wayne is opening itself back up, though in measured, impatiently hesitant steps. But, I’m not sure that …

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Day 94: Pandemic, Unplugged

Most of my friends are struggling right now. Some are struggling with their currently decaying relationships.  Some are struggling with the pandemically unique challenges of raising their kids in a world constantly threatening to burn itself down with every changing news cycle.  Some are struggling with growing older in the twilight of their stories, often filled with late night regrets as they look back upon their experiences, sleeplessly reviewing the stubborn lists in their heads, marking opportunities missed and lamenting the paths never quite traveled. They have questions and problems and worries and they have hurt.  They are all looking for something better than what they have, though they often aren’t exactly sure what might be a more fitting replacement.  They are grinding dutifully ahead, some …

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Day 60: In Vino Veritas

I think this isolation is really starting to get inside my head.   It seems to stick there indelibly, like that unseen masticated chewing gum clinging annoyingly to the soles of my best pair of shoes right before that hastily planned and spectacularly doomed blind date that I just did not see coming.  Intrusive.  Frustratingly unsettling.  Cloying.  And, just a little bit gross.   Strange thoughts here on this nervously quarantined night in the high City of Wayne.  And for some reason, they just won’t stop.   The adulterous temptations of an Alice’s deceptive muse calls out her siren songs of mixed metaphors and intentional dishonesty, enticing me with her seductive rabbit-holes, so temptingly approachable in their comforting lies.  They promise me the benefit of a …

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Day 50: March of the 500

It was always about the words. That is clear to me now, with the benefit of pandemically focused eyes.  The tangible reminders surround me, piled high on shelves and stuffed low inside of drawers. Traces to the vestiges of a youth hastily scribbled, now just ink fading into brittle yellow pages.  Frantically typed words, the jotted notes of an earlier middle age more neatly cataloged, but still ignored.  Recent rambling novels, unremarkable and isolated. All just words.  All just the lingering remainders of relationships torn and years foolishly squandered.  All just captured emotions parading inside their paper prisons. It was always about the words. Words that are sometimes munificent.  Words that are sometimes dispassionate.  Words that are capable of building new worlds.  And words that can …

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