Day 22: Sitzkrieg at Valley Forge

It started quietly, just another blip out of China which honestly wasn’t too frightening, or even particularly interesting, because there is always something coming out of China.  Talks of tariffs and high-level political posturing.  Rumors of abuses and human suffering which, frankly, we mostly only gave a passing sigh of saddened acknowledgement as we continued …

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Day 20: Morning Tea

I sat all through the isolated night of another numbered day and waited for the quarantined morning to rise out over the sickly and fearful City of Wayne.  I waited with smoke-filled eyes, blinking hot and red, not from an underlying undiagnosed infection, but from self-imposed sleepless anticipation and lingering artistic nervousness.  I waited with …

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Binder Notes

When you strip it all away, there is only the experience of us left, somewhere past all the lies and all the hurt intentionally inflicted for the sake of a foolish argument supposedly won.  It sticks stubbornly there, beyond the unnecessary daily dramas that constantly unfolded, relentless in their intrusions.  It remains a lingering monument, …

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