Typer Brief: Case #2

So, I left off with troubleshooting the last few issues with getting the innie bits of 1958 Royalite mounted into a briefcase.  Let’s look at some detail pictures….

First, I inverted the admin panel, removed the existing expansion snaps, and simply reused those for the bottom.  I added a few extra screws to help hold it since it is such a flex point:

Mounting admin panel

Then I did the same with the side compression straps, that help hold in the admin panel:

Alright.  Mounted and admin panel is in.  Looking good.  Now, just needs a clean…

I wanted to mention that I did need to file a small bit of the hinge to make sure that the carriage cleared enough.  This was because I wanted to leave the end caps on the carriage more than anything else:

Shaded part filed away….

Alright, cleaned up and even found some smooth finial to round out the attachment points.  Eventually, I will probably add a dab of red paint like can be found on some of the existing mount points.

All nice and clean:

And the best part?   I caused no additional damage to the workings and….

This will be a fun little “idea typer” that I can have out to catch odd thoughts and ideas.  Or, you know, just lines of random swear words.  Because that’s *always* fun.

Thanks for checking it out!  Stay tuned for further typer fox project shenanigans…..

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